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Raumair Oy
Lokaritie 4
26100 RAUMA

Puh. +358 (0)2 822 5544
Mob. +358 (0)40 822 5544

24/7 Service
+358 (0)600 13818


Company was established in 1956 to complete Finnairs land transports between Pori airport and Rauma. In 1989 Jukka Pietilš took hold of the company and it was merged into Raumair Oy. In the year 1995 we started with cooperation with SAS and Nokia, managing land transport routes between Salo and Turku Airport. In 1996 we expanded cooperation with SAS and Air Botnia, managing passenger,- and baggage transports all over the county. We have still a strong bond and continuous cooperations with Turku airport. Our head office is located in Rauma and our main focus is airport transports for our customers. Raumair is offering, now and in the future, high quality transports with prestige vehicles without compromising safety. Companies like Oras Oy and Teollisuuden Voima Oyj have a long relationship with us and we are determined to be a reliable partner also in the future.